-COVID-19 Board of Directors Response - Loss of usage (week 11-23, 2020)
-COVID-19 Board of Directors Response - Additional clarification
Update - August 24, 2020

The Forty-Fifth Annual Meeting of the Iron Blosam Owners’ Association will convene in the  Ballroom of the Cliff Lodge, Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort, Salt Lake County, Utah at ten o'clock (10:00) a.m. on Saturday, September 19, 2020.

COVID-19 Precautions: An inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 may exist in any facility. Consider your family’s personal health factors and be aware of your potential liability and risk if you choose to attend. Every possible safety precaution will be taken in association with this meeting. Social distancing will limit the actual number or attendees; also a facemask is required to be worn at all times during the meeting.

This year to attend the annual meeting in person advance registration is required. Social distancing does limit the space available for attendees. Please limit the number of guests that you will bring with you. Small children are best left at home this year. Pre-register for the meeting.
Update - July 6, 2020

Additional clarification from Board regarding loss of usage during COVID-19 closure
Update - June 26, 2020

Salt Lake County and Snowbird have implemented a mandatory mask policy for all areas of Iron Blosam Lodge and Snowbird Resort. Please visit Snowbird's website for the resort's COVID-19 Safety Policies.

Update - June 22, 2020

Due to COVID-19 the Iron Blosam Pools are operating under guidelines and recommendations from the Salt Lake Valley Health Department:

All pools, the hot tub and steam room are open, however limited capacity and social distancing recommendations are in place:

  • During periods when the pools and spa facilities are at capacity please come back at a later time.

  • We have reduced the amount of pool deck furniture for social distancing.  We cannot add additional chairs.

  • Family Pool will be closed at scheduled intervals for cleaning.  

  • All the pools, hot tubs and steam room will be closed for additional cleaning and service on Saturdays till 4 pm.
  • Due to the limited capacity the use of all pools and spa amenities are restricted to owners and guests in residence only. There is no usage outside your week at this time.

Update - May 30, 2020 & June 8, 2020

The Iron Blosam is planning on resuming operations on June 13th (Week 24).

We want to advise all owners that an inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 may exist in any facility. Your timeshare ownership vacation time is discretionary. Consider your family's personal health factors and be aware of your potential liability and risk if you choose to visit the Iron Blosam at this time.

It will not be a typical summer. Iron Blosam will be operating based on recommendations as set forth by the CDC and Salt Lake Health authorities.
We ask all owners to be aware and respect the COVID-19 operating guidelines that Iron Blosam will be adhering to. There are risks as we move forward and your cooperation will assist us to maintain operations and protect the health of our owners and staff.
Prior to your arrival we will provide specific updates for your week. If you do not have an email on file take a moment to register it with us here on our website. Emails are the most efficient method to communicate with owners.
The COVID-19 still remains a rapidly evolving challenge. We will be adapting and modifying our operations as circumstances change.


Iron Blosam will be opening with enhanced sanitization cleaning procedures for the rooms and common areas. Our staff will be wearing mask and working behind protective screening in guest facing situations. We request that owners also wear a mask while you are in the common areas.
Over the extended closure period some of our housekeeping team has left for other employment. While we work to build a new team our cleaning crews will be shorthanded. In addition, there are enhanced sanitization procedures that will require more time for the preparation of the units. Our cleaning time will extend significantly beyond the anticipated 4pm time. Please be patient. We suggest you call ahead prior to arrival to see if your room is ready. Please call (801) 933-2222 ext. 1000.


Please do not arrive prior to 4 pm. We will not be offering luggage storage if you arrive prior to your room being ready. The arrival area, the front desk and elevators will have limited capacity. Social distancing will be requested. We will be limiting the number of people that can arrive in our loading/reception areas. During peak periods you may be asked to wait in your vehicle until there is available space. We will also be implementing a check in reservation schedule for your week. We will email information prior to your week.  If you do not have an email please contact the Iron Blosam Front Desk @(801) 933-2222 ext 1000. As the period between 4 pm and 8 pm is the highest demand check in time, we strongly recommend that you consider a later check in or arrive after Saturday.


  • The Owner Summer Recreation Activity Program, teen swim activity and weekly owner social party are temporarily suspended.
  • Pools and Spa areas will be operating under the guidance of Salt Lake Valley Health recommendations.
  • The pools, hot tub and spa area will be open at reduced capacity.  We will have limited numbers of swimmers allowed in pools and also limit the number of pool side furniture available.
  • Pools will be closed at periodic intervals for cleaning and pool hours may be modified to allow for other cleaning procedures.
  • Social distancing recommendations will be posted for the usage of other Iron Blosam Facilities.
  • Items for check out from the Front Desk will be limited. Movies, outdoor equipment and Den equipment will be available.
  • Housekeeping services and towel exchange will be limited. There will be no towel exchanges at the Front Desk or room towel deliveries.


    The weekly departure is difficult to maintain appropriate and safe social distancing.  We suggest the following:
      • Consider leaving earlier in the week.
      • Limit luggage cart usage and elevator demand by pre-loading your vehicle the day prior to your departure.
      • Please respect the 10am checkout time. We will be unable to grant late check outs at this time.
        Update - June 4, 2020

        Board response to loss of usage during COVID-19 closure - Letter sent to week 11-23 owners

Update - May 20, 2020

This years' Iron Blosam Annual Trustee Sale/Auction is scheduled to take place on Friday, May 22, 2020 at 12:00pm (noon) at the:
Scott M. Matheson Courthouse*
*this year the auction will be held outside in the courtyard area located at the Southwest end
450 South State Street
Salt Lake City, UT
-Pay parking available, enter parking on 4th South-

Out of an abundance of caution surrounding the health and wellbeing of our auction participants and staff we are asking that if you have been experiencing any of the symptoms listed below within the last 24 hours you do not participate in the auction this year and you have a proxy come in your place.


  • cough
        • shortness of breath
  • fever
  • chills
  • muscle pain
  • difficulty breathing
  • sore throat
  • new loss of taste or smell
  • or If you have been exposed to anyone who has been positively diagnosed with Covid-19

Participation Guidelines:

      • The sale will follow the order as listed on the supplied docket.
      • There will be a designated area within the courtyard for active bidding.
      • No more than 15 active bidders will be permitted in the bidding area at any given time. Failure to comply may result in postponement of the sale.
      • While in the active bidding area we request that you observe the recommended social distancing standards of 6 feet apart.
      • We request that all active bidders wear a face mask while in the active bidding area. If you do not have a face mask one will be provided upon request.
      • If you are not actively bidding on a unit for sale we ask that you excuse yourself from the bidding area, but stay within hearing distance for the announcement of the next unit to be bid on.
      • If you are the winning bid for a unit(s) you will need to schedule a time with our representatives to meet at First American Title to finish all paper work. (Directions will be provided upon conclusion of a successful bid).
      • Once you have made your appointment and left your contact information. We are asking that you leave the courtyard to allow for more bidders to participate.

        The Trustee Sale/Auction can be stopped at anytime by an authority of the state including, but not limited to Salt Lake City Police Officer if they deem the gathering for the auction to be out of compliance with regulations set forth by the City of Salt Lake and the State of Utah. In the event, that the auction is stopped prior to all units being auctioned we will determine a new date for the auction to continue.

        Visit this years' Trustee Sale/Auction list now!

Update - May 13, 2020

Snowbird announces plans to resume limited operations on Friday, June 19, 2020. The Iron Blosam is planning on resuming operations on Saturday, June 20, 2020. This will be our week 25. We are sad to announce but Iron Blosam will remain closed through week 24.

As we move to this next phase our priority remains protecting the safety and health of our staff and our owners.

There will be limited Snowbird facilities available and some of the normal events, amenities and dining options may be limited. We suggest that you visit Snowbird's website prior to your visit for Resort updates.

It will be a unique summer at the Iron Blosam.

Iron Blosam’s high summer occupancy presents special challenges for us all. To properly respect health and safety recommendations as set forth by the CDC and Salt Lake Valley Health Authorities and to respect proper social distancing we anticipate many special procedures will need to be established for the safe operation of our facility. We do ask that you respect and adhere to these recommendations during your week.

Prior to your week we will email out a weekly COVID-19 update and policy guideline for you and your guests to review. This will also be published on our website as well.

Please note our offices remain closed as our staff continues to work remotely.

We may be contacted via email only at
Update - May 4, 2020

There is not a date set for the Iron Blosam Lodge to reopen. The following statement has been issued by the Iron Blosam Board of Directors.

We continue to monitor the impact of the unprecedented COVID-19 public health crisis on the operations and issues related to the Iron Blosam property. The extreme fluidity of the situation requires that the only immediate determination that can be responsibly made is for the continued closure of the property. Understandably, there exist many owner concerns and frustrations relative to their ownership and usage of the Iron Blosam. It is our goal to resume operations as early as prudently possible. Our intention is to address owner concerns when sufficient evaluation of the variables related to this dynamic matter allows, and to expeditiously seek solutions that best serve the collective and individual Iron Blosam Owners’ interests.

Future updates will be emailed and posted to the Iron Blosam website as they become available. If you do not already receive email correspondence from us, please consider registering your email here on our website.

The Iron Blosam offices remain closed. Our staff is working remotely to answer questions as best we can. Please note that we are experiencing a high volume of emails and will respond as quickly as possible.

Best regards and good health,
Iron Blosam Lodge
Update - March 21, 2020

Iron Blosam/Snowbird COVID-19 Update:
Snowbird is extending the current suspension of all resort operations, including all the Lodges for an indefinite period. The Iron Blosam will not be available for occupancy until further notice. Snowbird will continue to monitor the impact of COVID-19 as it continues to be a rapidly evolving situation. We will provide updates as new information is made available, Snowbird is asking all our employees to stay at home and be with their friends and family during this crisis time. The Iron Blosam is currently not staffed, therefore, we will be unable to receive or return phone messages. The owner services staff is working remotely. They will respond to emails as promptly as possible. Please email any inquires to You can also visit Snowbird's website for additional information.

We wish all our Iron Blosam family the best of health and safety during this difficult period.

Best Regards,
Jim Maxwell
Iron Blosam Lodge Manager