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The Iron Blosam "For Sale by Owner" list is provided only as a convenience for Iron Blosam owners and potential buyers. The Iron Blosam Owners Association ("IBOA") is not representing nor acting as agent for either buyer or seller. All representations are made solely by the listing owner and not by IBOA. IBOA assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of any representation made in this list. Buyers should be advised that units for sale may have liens, unpaid IBOA assessments or future commitments for usage with a third party or exchange organization. IBOA does not provide listing prices. Please contact the owner directly for pricing and availability.

Click on room number for room tour and description. Updated - 1/29/19

Unit(s) Unit Types Owner/Agent Contact information Listing Renewal Date
Week 1
712 Seff A Jim or Margit Perry
* South facing:with balcony & sleeps 4 with full kitchen and bathroom. Priced to sell! Extend your Christmas break. Bribe you kids to get good grades so they can have three weeks like we did and it worked!
(909) 796-5440 hm
(909) 856-3113 cell
927 Neff Wayne Hillard (425) 427-6839 hm
(425) 233-1803 cell
Week 2
710 Seff A Erik Brandsen
* Great view and near the elevator.
(808) 651-7517 cell
714/715 St A/Br A Wendell Wallach
* Own connected 714 and 715. Beautiful views facing the area. Spacious.
(860) 242-1012 hm
(860) 490-8515 cell
Week 3
523 Su Alan Haggh
*Generally excellent conditions every year.  Unit on 5th floor near exit to Snowbird Center.  Great view, of course.  Fees paid for 2019.  Have owned it for decades; will let it go for a reasonable price.
(520) 275-4883 cell
Week 4        
420 Br B Ernest Conroy
* Centrally located, ski-in, ski-out, close to restaurant/bar, great views.
(631) 874-3192 hm
Br A
Madeline Kuist
* 5th floor access to path going to Snowbird Center. Overlooks the IB outdoor pool and mountain ski runs. Two queen beds, full bath and small fridge. Unit expected to be occupied week 4 of 2018, but will consider offers.
(858) 695-7046 ph
620 St A Mark Kachner
* This unit has a large kitchen, great balcony, fireplace, queen bed, and full bathroom plus extra changing area. Perfect for a couple. Easy access to 5th floor walkout to mountain - avoid the elevator rush on powder days. Jan-19
813 Su Corinne Keane
* Conveniently located near the elevators. No need to walk down the long corridor after a hard day of skiing to get to your room. This suite is two levels: Lower level has queen sofa, queen murphy bed, kitchen, full bath, fireplace, south view balcony. Upper level (loft) has 2 queen beds, full bath. Sleeps 8.
Week 4 runs concurrently with the Sundance Film Festival.
(801) 712-9528 cell
910 Seff A Gordon Gipe
* High floor, high season, with great balcony view of the slopes!  Sleeps 4 with full kitchen, bath and dressing area.  Make me an offer I can't refuse. Dec-19
1117 Seff A William or Patricia Gibbons- Johnson
* Lovely 11th floor Seff A that we have called our special "Snowbird Penthouse" for many years. This unit features lovely views of the slopes, lots of sun, and the 11th floor is very quiet and tranquil. The memories are many, but it is time to move along and let the next owners begin their dreams and experiences.
(530) 448-9339 cell
Week 5        
503 Seff A Natalie Rosier
* While in pursuit of your passion for outdoor winter sports, you will be happy to discover the great quality snow that is typical of week 5 at Snowbird, and you can savor the less hectic pace of vacationing after MLK and before President's weekend. While inside the unit (503 Efficiency A), you will have a beautiful mountain view overlooking the pool, into Gad Valley and down the glacier carved canyon. The unit sleeps 4 and has a full kitchen, a bathroom and a dressing area. The Iron Blosam Lodge also has an outdoor heated pool, a steam room and sauna, an enormous indoor hot tub, a fitness center, Wireless internet, a business center, a delicious Italian restaurant which is open for dinner, a game room, ski lockers and a coin-operated laundry room. 
If you are interested, please contact me via email or cell phone.
(954) 410-0099 cell
617 Br B Carole Livingston
* Overlooks Wilbur Chair easy access to ski.  Bedroom unit with microwave and small fridge. Can get additional item from housekeeping. Your on vacation enjoy all the great restaurants at Snowbird. I have used this unit for 40 yrs and have gone every year except for my hip replacements. Now since I have to stay on the groomed trails it's time to pass it on to another avid skier.
(415) 936-9131 cell
804/805 Su/Br B Chris Anderson
* At the risk of sounding like a realtor, these units are among the best in Iron Blosam, as well as being a guaranteed best snow 'premium season' (usually Superbowl...!) week.  804 is a 2 level suite with 2 outside balconies giving great views both up the mountain (above the swimming pool) and down the canyon (the2nd/extra balcony is unique in the entire Lodge - even more great views and a secure 'second fridge' for your drinks).  805 is a self contained bedroom and can be used as part of a larger/family group or sealed off and rented out separately. The combination gives maximum flexibility to owners.
(0064) 274979623
Week 6        
522 Seff A James Williams
* 5th Floor means easy access to walkway to Tram Plaza, Full Kitchen, Balcony.
We have enjoyed this unit many years, but now it is available since we own another unit also for this week.
(817) 271-2523 cell
Week 7        
Currently no listings for this week.
Week 8        
Currently no listings for this week.
Week 9        
401/402 St C/Br C Harrison Robison
* Corner Studio C & Bedroom C with connecting doors above pool area.Sleeps 6; Corner suite (sleeps 2), mtn. view, balconies, full kitchen, dining area, fireplace, queen sofa bed, full bath. Separate adjoining bedroom with 2 queen beds, full bath, mini kitchen. Units to be sold together.
(425) 522-4995 hm
(206) 605-6260 cell
422 Seff B Carlos Diaz (360) 733-4450 hm
(360) 739-1972 cell
1015 Seff B Dave Manus
* Queen bed, murphy bed, south view balcony
(916) 645-4645 cell
Week 10        
314 Seff D Martin Fielding
* Nice view from this first unit on the 3rd floor.
(530) 386-1613 hm
423/424 St B/Br B Donald or Patricia Advent
* 2 adjoining units with beautiful views of the mountain.  They are very spacious , well appointed and extremely comfortable. Week 10 is historically, a great “snow week.”
(705) 730-5911 hm
(705) 818-4911 cell
510 Seff A Peter Dyck
*Good snow week, well located unit near elevator, 5th floor exit also walks directly to path to Snowbird Center, view of ski mountain one floor up from housekeeping for easy access by stairs, cool pool, hot tub and steam room, awesome ski mountain for all levels of skiers
(808) 878-1608 hm
814 Seff B Victor McPhee
* great view of the mountain
(704) 804-4038 cell
Week 11        
409 Su

Kay Studebaker
* Prime spring skiing week. Sunny two level suite with fabulous views of the mountain. Sleeps 8, 2 bathrooms, cozy fireplace and walkout balcony. 30 year owner, but now need to sell!

(952) 476-2231 hm
(612) 558-1315 cell
606 Suk Dimitri Theodorou
* One of three unique corner loft units in the building. Spectacular 180 degrees view of the mountain. King size bed in loft facing the mountain. 20% more living space than standard loft unit in living area with fireplace, dining area etc. Sleeps 6.
(310) 508-8254 cell
701/702 St C/Br C Andrew Heiman
* Extra-long balcony and fireplace.
Unit #702 can be locked off from #701 and used/rented separately.
One of only 4 corner units at Iron Blosam that offer 3 views; South - the ski slope, West - the valley to Salt Lake City and North - the mountain.
(207) 571-9742 hm
(207) 432-3019 wk/cell
710 Seff A
John Heiman
* Sleeps 4, full kitchen, balcony overlooking the slopes. We have had a delightful 30 years here but need to move on. Motivated seller
(585) 425-7074 hm
826 Neff Paul Munroe
* We have enjoyed our unit for 40 years. The unit has a full kitchen, bathroom and balcony. Sleeps 4. Fabulous week with great spring conditions. Priced to sell.
(250) 260-3151 hm
(250) 306-9000 cell
827 Neff Joan Sogard
* Great Week with great snow! North Efficiency -a great little studio.
(801) 903-7661 cell
Week 12        
501/502 St C/Br C Robert Moeller
* Extra-long balcony and fireplace.
5th floor allows walk directly to Snowbird Plaza, avoiding elevator.
Unit #502 can be locked off from #501 and used/rented separately..
(847) 864-2611 hm
(847) 864-2516 wk
(708) 921-7669 cell
624 Seff A Joan Sogard
* Great Week, Great Snow! Beautiful Mountain view. We've enjoyed this week for over 20 years!
(801) 903-7661 cell
919 Su Gary Barsomian
* Fantastic view, Split level Loft with two story window facing mountain. Sleeps 8. Owner since 2001. Make me and offer.
(617) 784-1833 hm
Week 13        
401/402 St C/Br C Linda Siegel
* Corner unit. Mountain view looks toward Wilber chair lift. Living room with working fire place, full kitchen, full bathroom plus vanity. Adjoining bedroom unit (can be separate or connected by internal door)with full bathroom and vanity (box refrigerator in vanity area).
Bedroom sleeps four people, living room sleep two people on pull out couch. Option available to rent one of the two adjoining units by locking internal connecting door.
(212) 475-6940 hm
425 Su Richard Ollman
* End Loft unit on floors 4 and 5  with easy access to stairs,    twin queen  size beds on loft level, TV and  full bath. Lower level has  full kitchen, fireplace, dining table , TV,  sleeps  four  with  fabulous view of mountain. Great time for skiing - late March/early April. Make an offer.
(773) 343-5011 cell
707/708 St A/Br A Raymie Anderson
* Beautiful studio with adjoining bedroom unit. Sleeps six.  Fabulous ski week. Units can be rented and exchanged separately. Great price.
(801) 787-4583 cell
726 Neff Dennis Gomez (435) 637-5649 ph Mar-20
914/915 Br A/St A Karen Depp (225) 278-6731 cell
917 Seff A Helen Root
* Comfortable unit with lots of natural light. Sleeps 4 on Murphy bed and sofa bed. Efficiency kitchen with dining area; balcony with view of ski runs. Great snow and a spring break week for many. Will work with any offer.
(505) 334-1568 hm
(505) 320-3441 cell
1126 Neff Steven Mendiola (801) 944-8658 hm
(801) 520-9343 cell
Week 14        
616 Su Lori O'Camb
* Two story suite with full kitchen, sleeps 8. Gorgeous view of the Mountain.
(925) 788-4617 cell
Seff B
Steve Hansen
* #614 is an SEFF with great views of the mountain.
#806 is a two story suite with views down the valley and above the pool. Motivated seller.
(561) 516-0833 cell
723/724 St B/Br B Greg Wright
* Great view with a very comfortable floor plan. Studio B with bedroom B attached with lockout.
(503) 805-2238 ph
Week 15        
512 Seff A Joanne Clarke
* Nice ski slope view. Kitchenette with oven, stove, full size refrigerator, microwave. Sleeps 4. Elevator convenient.  Great spring skiing and snowshoeing.
(845) 876-7741 hm
1020 Br A Emily or David Rothman
* Eager to sell. Make an offer!
(970) 275-6677 cell
Week 16        
418 Su Brannon Lucas
* Great lower level suite! Easy access to pools and gym. Short walk to the 5th level pathway from the top floor of suite.
(801) 636-2488 cell
705 Br A Barbara Gebhardt
(732) 857-4808 ph
905 Br A Rob Ammann
* high floor easter week this year(2019).
(307) 734-7789 hm
Week 17        
325 Seff C, 325 Edwin Schadewald
* Room 325 is the only unit of its kind at Iron Blosam. Ground level mountain facing with sliding door right on the path to snowbird center and parking. Beautiful mountain views. Skiing in the sun!  The lodges, pools, and mountain are all nice and quiet. No lines anywhere!
(801) 739-5834 cell
812 Br B Lori O'Camb
* South view balcony, Bedroom B with 2 queen beds and mini-fridge.
(925) 788-4617 cell
1021 Su Richard Moon
* We have moved to St. George and NEED to sell our unit.  We are very motivated, 2019  assessment has been paid.
(801) 631-3572 hm
(801) 450-6281 cell
Week 45        
710 Seff A Mary Dowling Nesbitt (602) 368-4059 hm
Week 19        
Week 20        
705 Br A
Mirka Mart
* Great view. Need to dispose of unit. Will give away for almost free.
(801) 840-1553 hm
Week 21        
820 Seff A Michelle Hanks (801) 580-5585 cell
Week 22        
Seff B
Pam Abbott
* Choice south facing over the swimming pool. No need to use the elevators unless you wanted to because the 5th floor goes straight out to the path to the Snowbird center w/ shops, dining, tram ride and mtn trails plus pool. Breathtaking mtn. views, balcony, ceiling to floor windows. Little Cottonwood Canyon, Snowbird Ski Resort is only approx. 40 minutes to airport. Ideal week June 2-June 9, 2018.
(801) 699-5000 cell
Week 23        
Currently no listings for this week.
Week 24        
Currently no listings for this week.
Week 25        
Currently no listings for this week.
Week 26        
Currently no listings for this week.
Week 27        
Currently no listings for this week.
Week 28        
Currently no listings for this week.
Week 29        
Currently no listings for this week.
Week 30        
422 Seff B John or Natasha Talcott
* Unit has queen size sofa bed, murphy bed, full kitchen, full bath, south view balcony.  Sleeps 4.
(801) 400-3194 hm
(801) 787-4336 cell
Week 31        
Currently no listings for this week.
Week 32        
Currently no listings for this week.
Week 33        
Currently no listings for this week.
Week 34        
Currently no listings for this week.
Week 35        
610 Seff A Ted Neff
* Great unit to enjoy the end of summer in the mountains during Oktoberfest and frequently during the Labor Day Weekend. The unit has a queen size sofa bed, murphy bed, full kitchen, full bath, south view balcony and sleeps 4.
(801) 944-8333 ph
Week 36        
Seff A
Br B
Marilyn or Fred Roberts
* Bring the whole family to experience Snowbird and enjoy Oktoberfest. Week 36 is a perfect week to hike and watch the leaves change color and see the wildflowers bloom. South Efficiency A unit 512 sleeps 4 and South Bedroom B unit 608 also sleeps 4.
(928) 301-3208 cell
Week 37        
808 Br B Roger Edwards
* Sleeps 4
(801) 404-0305 cell
1014 Seff B Laurie Shipp
* Beautiful South facing unit with stunning view of the slopes. Gorgeous fall colors, very quiet floor, sleeps 4.
(425) 442-8396 cell
Week 38        
926 Neff Gus Georgiadis (724) 935-2383 hm
(412) 551-4992 cell
Week 39        
Currently no listings for this week.
Week 40        
Currently no listings for this week.
Week 41        
605 Seff B Bonnie Park
* Beautiful sunset(s) viewing from this unit as it faces down the canyon. Overlooks the adult swimming pool. Quiet!
(801) 264-2610 wk
(801) 440-0156 cell
Week 42        
1012 Seff B Kim Anderson
* Great getaway, great price for the unit. 
(801) 227-4132 hm
1110 Seff A Robert Maechtle
* Top floor,  beautiful views, quiet & relaxing.
(970) 241-8652 cell
Week 43        
503 Seff A Nicole Simmons (801) 897-4665 cell
Week 44        
408 Br B Richard Lane (315) 418-0536 cell
517 Br A Stanley Browning (385) 232-5335 cell
1114/1115 Br A/St A Janell Lieber
* Beautiful view of the mountains. Top floor so it is very quiet.
(801) 915-3317 cell
Week 18        
Maintenance Week - No Occupancy.
Week 46        
612 Seff B Chad Johnson
* FREE.  Just pay to transfer it.
(810) 695-6168 hm
(586) 872-7643 cell
726 Neff Frank Balbo
* This unit is Definitely priced to sell. Not only is it located in Beautiful Iron Blosam Lodge it also has great Trading Power. You can own this unit to use or trade off for anywhere.
(516) 293-1324 hm
(516) 509-1065 cell
920 Seff B Kate Wilcox
* We've used this unit for family Thanksgiving celebrations for many years. Beautiful view, nice layout, high floor. 
(831) 869-9823 hm
927 Neff Joseph Torre
* This studio unit is Definitely priced to sell. Not only is it located in Beautiful Iron Blosam Lodge it also has great Trading Power. You can own this unit to use or trade off for anywhere. Thanksgiving week, beautiful views, quiet & relaxing.
* Comfortable unit with lots of natural light. Sleeps 4 on Murphy bed and sofa bed. Efficiency kitchen with dining area; balcony. Have owned for decades; will let it go cheap.
(970) 481-3462 cell
Week 47        
503 Seff A Alan Haggh or Derek Rowsell
* Great location on 5th floor.  Thanksgiving week every 5 of 6 years.  Fees paid.  Have owned for decades; will let it go cheap.
(520) 275-4883 cell (Alan) (Alan)
(520) 748-2493 hm (Derek)
(520) 548-4749 cell (Derek) (Derek)
601/602 St C/Br C Karal (Karol) Batton
* Thanksgiving week occurs five out of every 6 years for this very private West corner unit. High enough above the pool noise, but low enough to offer a fantastic view of steam rising from the pool with the mountains in the background.
This unit design offers two separate units on one level. Closing the door offers sleeping privacy for both sides and opening it offers time shared together in one large corner location. One couple can enjoy the fireplace and music on one side, while the other couple (or family) sleeps peacefully behind closed doors on the other side.

Unit 601: Includes fireplace, full kitchen and Dining area, convertible sofa, sleeps 2, full bath & dressing area, 2 decks with South view.
Unit 602: an adjoining bedroom, 2 queen beds, full bath & dressing area. 1 deck south view. Fees paid until July 2019.

(214) 906-4429 ph
1012 Seff B Donald White
* Beautiful South Mountain View! Thanksgiving week!  Sleeps 4.
Situation (Moved to South Carolina)  requires us giving away. Fees are paid, will sell for Fees.
Will also consider trade for summer unit.
(503) 803-0872 hm
1015 Seff B Kate Wilcox
* Nice unit -- usually falls on Thanksgiving. 
(831) 869-9823 hm
Week 48        
811 Su Aaron Webb
* Great loft suite and ownership opportunity. My family has really enjoyed this space and this week.
(801) 891-0969 hm
1020/1021 Br A/Su Marianne Koch
* Beautiful views of the slopes, plenty of room for family and/or friends. Adjoining units will sleep 12. Beautiful time of the year with no crowds   My Family has been enjoying these units for decades.
Best offer
(410) 688-7901 cell
1112 Br A Elizabeth Heck
* Quite top floor location with stunning mountain view. Balcony, 2 queen beds, small refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker, ski locker, full bath with separate vanity/dressing area. Avoid the crowded lift lines of mid season. We already own another unit this week so are motivated to sell.
(612) 720-2884 cell
Week 49        
514 St A Dale or Kathleen Schweinsberg (910) 552-0167 hm
Seff B
Br B
Richard or Maria Snow
* Jump-start your ski season with an early Dec. week. We upgraded to a larger unit so have no need for our smaller ones. 614 sleeps 4 (murphy bed and fold out couch), has a full kitchen and bath, balcony with beautiful views facing Snowbird trails!

If you don't want to cook, 922 also sleeps 4 with 2 Queen beds, full bath, microwave and bar-sized refrigerator, balcony also with beautiful views, 3 floors higher, also facing Snowbird trails!

(914) 271-8122 hm
(914) 420-2055 cell
609 Su Mike Buckingham
* Two-story suite with fantastic floor to ceiling views of the mountain. Great storage and design. Sleeps up to eight comfortably.  Week 49 is an excellent week for good snow and small crowds. This unit gives you all the space you need and a fully equipped kitchen to prepare your meals. Enjoy outdoor heated pool, large hot tub, steam, sauna and all of the Iron Blosam amenities at Snowbird.  Maintenance fees for this year will be paid. Call for pricing.
(717) 843-6983 hm
(717) 495-3207 cell
807 Br B David Cornett
* 2 Queen Beds. Great Mountain Views. Maintenance fee for this year is paid. Excellent week to start the ski season. Make an offer.
(717) 385-3505 cell
905 Br A Elizabeth Heck
* Stunning mountain and sunset views down canyon. Balcony, 2 queen beds, small refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker, ski locker, full bath with separate vanity/dressing area. Avoid the crowded lift lines of mid season. We already own another unit this week so are motivated to sell.
(612) 720-2884 cell
Week 50        
418 Su Patrick or Sherri Roe
*Owner family used for 20 years. Beautiful view of tram ski runs and mountain. Convenient and quiet fourth floor location. Loft has 2 queen beds, lower level has queen Murphy bed and queen sofa bed. Two large full bathrooms one on each floor. Sleeps 8 comfortably. Townhouse style, 1107 square feet. Beautiful rooftop heated pool, large Jacuzzi spa, steam room and state of the art gym / exercise room. Usually week 50 is the week before Christmas, which means less crowds, cheaper lift tickets and a friendly social environment.
(206) 938-3637 hm
(206) 229-3750 cell
625 Su David Tasch
* Great views- next to stairs to tram center - sleeps 8 - loft , large windows, bar, kitchen. looking to move so all offers are listened to.
(219) 945-0767 wk
808/809 Br B/Su Alison Drasnin
* 3 adjoining units sold as package-sleeps 16 total!
1 suite-sleeps 8- plus
2-bedrm units sleeps 4 (ea)
 Suite is 2 story- beautiful views of slopes, full kitchen,
Fireplace, dining area, balcony, 2 queen beds + queen murphy bed and queen couch bed. 2 full bathrms with vanities.
Ski lockers, pool, hot tub, game rm and restaurant
RCI-red week exchange
(435) 300-0598 hm/cell
1009 Su C Rice
* Fabulous skiing week and beautiful sunny view from large suite sleeping 8.
Lower level with full kitchen fully equipped, gas fireplace and full bath with adjacent private dressing/vanity area. It has a queen sofa and queen Murphy bed.
Second floor (balcony) 2 queen beds with again full bath with adjacent private dressing/vanity areas.
Two lockers included with the unit.
Close to the elevators but around the corner and not too close for if any noise.
Excellent week for great snow and small crowds.

Two story full glass wall viewing skiing on mountain. Jan-19
1013/1112 Su/Br A
Gerald or Sara Smith
* We have owned these 2 adjoining units for 38 years and regret the necessity to sell them. Many wonderful family memories have been made here! The suite at the top of Iron Blosam Lodge & the bedroom units directly across the hall from the elevators offer spectacular views of Wilber Run and other ski slopes! Together the 2 units sleep 12 and are fully equipped with all necessary amenities for accommodating all ages. The suite has a fireplace, TV/DVD, dining area, a fully equipped kitchen & 2 full baths with separate vanity areas and ample storage. The adjoining bedroom has its own full bath & vanity dressing area. Both units have a huge closet, dresser, ski clothes cubbies & ski rack. The bedroom unit can be locked off, if desired. It has 2 queen beds, desk & chair, table with chairs, 2 comfy chairs & TV/DVD. It also has a mini refrigerator, microwave & coffeemaker. A balcony offers beautiful views of the slopes.

Three ski lockers are included with the 2 units.

The full description of the suite and bedroom can be seen in the Iron Blosam room types on

Week 50 is a perfect time to enjoy skiing at Snowbird as the snow is fantastic & the crowds are small!

(805) 550-1898 cell
1027 Neff Jean Graack
* This is a north efficiency unit and has everything you'd need to sleep 4 people, plus full kitchen and bathroom. I'm semi-retired and won't be using it anymore. The maintenance fee is paid for this year. Discounted price and I will pay the closing costs.
(626) 290-5572 cell
Week 51        
415 Seff B Dennis Cooper
* Full kitchen, sleeps 4, south facing view of ski mountain runs, outdoor balcony, lift access across the street, assigned ski locker, outdoor heated pool, indoor hot pool, steam room, exercise room, restaurants/bar in the building and elsewhere in the ski village. Also, selling week 52. Would prefer selling both weeks together, but will consider separate offer. Priced to sell.
(559) 288-0337 hm
(775) 790-0017 cell
422 Seff B Georgia Casazza
* Sleeps 4. Queen size sofa bed, murphy bed, full kitchen, full bath, dressing area, south view balcony overlooking slopes.
(516) 996-4333 cell
907 St A Linda Ornstein
* Also have week
52- 907/908.
(404) 401-3634 cell
Week 52        
415 Seff B Dennis Cooper
* Full kitchen, sleeps 4, south facing view of ski mountain runs, outdoor balcony, lift access across the street, assigned ski locker, outdoor heated pool, indoor hot pool, steam room, exercise room, restaurants/bar in the building and elsewhere in the ski village. Also, selling week 51. Would prefer selling both weeks together, but will consider separate offer. Priced to sell.
(559) 288-0337 hm
(775) 790-0017 cell
907/908 St A/Br A Linda Ornstein
* Wonderful to spend Christmas week in the mountains. 907 and 908 are connecting units that have great views. Also have week
51- 907.
(404) 401-3634 cell
1014 Seff B David Shick
* South facing unit
(330) 372-3055 hm
(330) 399-6875 wk
(330) 565-3200 cell