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To contact a guest or owner while they are staying at the Iron Blosam, please call (801) 933-2227 and request to be transfered to a guest/owner's room. You will need to provide information regarding the unit number and guest/owner's last name.

For general inquiries, internal exchange listings, for-sale-by-owner listings and exchange information and assistance:
Iron Blosam Reservations
Mailing address:
9121 E. Snowbird Center Dr.
Snowbird, UT 84092-9000

Front Desk Staff

(801) 933-2227
(801) 933-2148 fax
Owner Services: available Tuesday-Friday (801) 933-2097
  Jessica Breitling (801) 933-2093
Wildflower Rentals: Lucette Barbier (email is best contact)
Website Administrator: Lizzy Osborne (801) 933-2097
(email is best contact)
Questions regarding owner assessments and payments:
Timeshare Accounting:   (801) 947-7926
(email is best contact)
Questions regarding deed or ownership changes:
Real Estate Agent: Heather Tolbert (801) 581-9969
(email is best contact)
Questions regarding lodge administration:
Lodge Manager: Jim Maxwell (801) 933-2090
Questions for the Iron Blosam Board of Directors:
Iron Blosam Lodge
Attn: Board of Directors
9121 E. Snowbird Center Dr.
Snowbird, UT 84092-9000
Questions regarding housekeeping:
Director: Lisa Morey (801) 933-2138
Assistant Director: Keri Long (801) 933-2286
Questions regarding maintenance:
Director: Jeremy Polk (801) 933-2109
Questions regarding massage therapy services - available year round
Therapist: Cottonwood Canyon Massage To schedule an appointment call or text (801) 349-2769 or dial ext 1055 from your room.  
Questions regarding owner recreation program - summer only
Director: Judy Fuller (801) 933-2261